QR Scanner is one of the original QR scanning apps available on the iOS App Store. It was acquired by Purch alongside the ShopSavvy app in 2015. The app allows users to scan any QR code and see the results, and also create their own QR codes they can share with others. In addition, the app is a fully functioning barcode scanner.
We wanted to take the QR Scanner app and find an effective way to monetize the app, using it as a springboard for the other products in our suite. While scanning QR codes was always the primary focus of the app, we wanted to encourage users to scan bar codes and use that as a way to present them with deals via Purch Perks or ShopSavvy right in the QR Scanner app.
iOS Standards
In order to gain more traction with the app, we needed it to stand out from the other apps. We took the approach of designing the app using the latest, trendiest iOS tech available. We wanted to present users with the scanner up-front, but also show them a list of their latest scans. We combined these two things into a single design with the scanner at the top. As the user scrolls down into their historical feed, the background blurs, but maintains visual cues from the camera as the user navigates.

In addition, we wanted to make it easy for the user to find anything they had scanned recently. We designed the app to fetch and store URL information and thumbnails, as well as saving a graphic image of the QR scan itself to add a visual appeal to the list.

We continued a lot of the same trends throughout the app. We created screens where the users could see more details on the things they just scanned, or view information on previous scans. We maintained the same visual cues throughout.

As part of our desire to expand the use of the app, we also created designs for an Android app. The Android app would follow many of the same conventions as the iOS app, but instead of using iOS standards, it would be built on the material design standards. In place of transparencies and blurs, we incorporated paper textures and depth into our designs.

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